"The magnetic compass was the first technological invention after the wheel to change the world."
Amir D. Aczel, in The riddle of the compass

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The exhibits are allocated to ten* different categories depending on their function. To visit a specialised department, just click on the picture of the relevant category. You can also use on all pages the pull-down menu button COMPASS TYPES. Clicking on the button SEARCH will lead you to the instruments via the manufacturers' names or technical words (example: miner's compass). The five chapters under MISCELLANEOUS are also being completed on a weekly basis.

* The pin-on lapel compasses are displayed together with the wrist compasses because of their very limited occcurrence.

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 Summer 2014
Dear visitors,
This museum is not meant as a simple exhibition of antiques but pretends to give an overall picture of the technology being gradually replaced by satellite navigation systems. We thank all those who steadily help building up what is becoming the largest reference data base worldwide for all sorts of compasses, by sending us pictures and/or technical and historical information. 

Discover our new items:

- Miscell / Bibliography: New French books like La Boussole (G. Vassal) and Histoire de la boussole (P. Juhel).

- Aircraft: The compass models BBT Type 900, AM SO2, Vion mod. 112 and patents filed by this manufacturer.

- Nautical: a compass made in Barcelona by TREPAT and a strange solution patented by LARSEN.

- Survey / Artillery: the very first development signed by cptn. CHAIX, the creator of Topochaix, was based of the famous Bézard. Numerous new details about the Russian models like B-2, BG-1, BK-20 and their makers GSI, UOMZ, ZMI etc. Oldmodels made by former makers like GEISLER, GROMOV, RICHTER or RODE. A version combining the characteristics of the compasses HOSSARD and PEIGNÉ.

- Marching: the military version of the SILVA as used in the French Légion étrangère, a version used in the Peruvian Army of the ASKANIA compass.

- Wrist: items from Japan and China, a German one signed ESCO and a special version of the model developed by ADRIANOFF in 1911, which was handed over to the laureates of the Artillery Officiers School.

- Pocket: a luxury version (solid gold, 95 g) with a SINGER-type mother of pearl card.

- Escape: a disc-shaped one from RPA and a Polish uniform button (fake or genuine?).

- Others : a pocket watch made by LAINÉ "La Solaire". A tiny galvanometer by Gaiffe, a fountain-pen, the patent of a  photographer's compass by Chaix and the YPS gimmicks.