"The magnetic compass was the first technological invention after the wheel to change the world."
Amir D. Aczel, in The riddle of the compass

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The exhibits are allocated to ten* different categories depending on their function. To visit a specialised department, just click on the picture of the relevant category. You can also use on all pages the pull-down menu button COMPASS TYPES. Clicking on the button SEARCH will lead you to the instruments via the manufacturers' names or technical words (example: miner's compass). The five chapters under MISCELLANEOUS are also being completed on a weekly basis.

* The pin-on lapel compasses are displayed together with the wrist compasses because of their very limited occcurrence.

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Dear visitors,
This museum is not meant as a simple exhibition of antiques but aims at giving an overall picture of the technology being gradually replaced by satellite navigation systems. We thank all those who steadily help building up what is becoming the largest reference data base worldwide for all sorts of compasses, by sending us pictures and/or technical and historical information. 


We have created a Facebook page (to access, click on button above) also called COMPASSIPEDIA where announcements about new items and discoveries (books etc.) will be published as they are implemented into the museum. 
Here the last update (July 2014):
- Miscell / Bibliography: we received old books and documents like the French Army's training book for the officers' examination "brevet de la préparation militaire" (dated 1955), the official British Army's manual  for map reading (also dated 1955) describing the famous Mk III compass, the patent related to markings with Radium-compound paint filed in 1916 by capt. Creagh-Osborne

- Aeronautics: the glider version of the Askania models Franz and Emil (1936), a new entry dealing with the compensation of compasses, among others the French types Aéra, Morel and Vion and also similar German and English books, the patents filed by VION, the Pioneer Type 1802

- Nautical: the standard binnacle of the German WWII Kriegsmarine

- Survey / Artillery: an orphan instrument identified at last: the Souchier system
- Marching: compasses used in Israel's defence forces IDF / Tsahal.

- Pocket: an unsual system signed C.P. GOERZ

- Escape: a unique fake pocket watch concealing a pocket compass (WWI)

- Wrist: a very special version of the famous Bézard produced for the German Bundeswehr and a navigation device for military divers 

- Other compasses: the compass watches XEMEX Offroad and MIDO The Tool, the gadgets made for the comics Mickey Mouse and PIF le chien (including its German-language version YPS), a compass game conceived for the U.S. boy and girl scouts